The Frog Prince – A Webbed Pantomime

November 24 - December 10, 2016

By Cheryl Theriault and Brenda Tyedmers
Directed by Cheryl Theriault

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The Frog Prince

Have you ever “pond”ered this question: The Frog Prince…how did THAT happen? Brenda Tyedmers and I certainly did. And so began our journey through the forests of the Kingdom of Jollimore where we discovered some Royal Family secrets, breadcrumbs and broccoli, and a pair of damp meggings…

Here is what we know so far: It is just days until the crowning of the next King of the Kingdom of Jollimore and Queen B is buzzing about the last details of the biggest party EVER! Her sons, Max and Heinrich, have very different views about what is best for the citizenry, but their Uncle Mikey is quite sure HE knows what will make him…I mean…everyone…happy.

Here are some questions: Will the coronation feast be prepared on time? Will Justin Bieber sing the Royal Anthem? Will the mystery of the disappearing breadcrumbs ever be solved? Will the super-talented cast ever grow tired of an audience booing and cheering? And will the stage manager actually eat any members of “The Public” who step on the stage? The answers can only be found onstage at the Theatre Arts Guild’s production of The Frog Prince: A Webbed Pantomime. Is it fun? Is it fabulous? Is it family-friendly? You better be-ribbit!!

P.S. The answers can also be found in the brains of Brenda and myself but, seriously, it is WAY less messy to just see it on the stage!

~ Cheryl Theriault, Director

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