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April 30- May 16, 2015

By David Auburn
Directed by Debora Pollock

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Math is a subject that can drive you crazy. Especially if you're really good at it. Or really bad at it. Or even mediocre. So it's a good thing that the play Proof isn't really about math, even though the title refers to a math proof. And even though three of the four characters are mathematicians. No, Proof is about love. Love is always challenging, and when 'math geeks' are involved, it brings a special kind of hilarity and vulnerability to the tale. A young woman who spent too long caring for her mentally ill father, spends some emotionally charged time with a young man who was his former student. Time + Emotion + Youth = Fireworks. Nothing adds to fireworks like a dose of dear old Dad and a sister with a penchant for... well, for being an older sister. If math never sizzled for you, come to see Proof, and you'll certainly solve that problem.

Proof Theatre Arts Guild
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